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2016 CyberSpaceCamp® Programs

This summer, ITechLaw continued its second year of CyberspaceCamp programs in Havana Cuba, Bogotá Colombia, Lima Peru, and La Paz Bolivia. The CyberSpace Camp program is a platform for experienced lawyers from across the world to interact with young lawyers and professionals, and share their insight and in-depth view on the implications of technology law and practice as it has developed in their respective jurisdictions. The program has been tailor-made to address current issues facing technology law practitioners as well as make the event an interactive discussion. The program is conducted in a classroom style, with faculty encouraging active interaction from the participants.

With attendance which surpassed last year's CyberSpaceCamp programs – over 100 attended the conference in La Paz, Bolivia - attendees were pleased to be engaged in such topics as The Internet of Things and big data regulation, artificial intelligence, and personal data protection, among many others. Those who attended this year's programs noted that the topics covered were relevant and informative, and covered areas on which their local courts may not have had a ruling as of yet. Additionally, with the platform allowing for young lawyers to interact with more seasoned professionals, the networking and learning opportunities expand beyond just the one day program and allowed for lasting connections to be formed between up and comers in the field and longtime technology law practitioners.

The success of the program was due in part to sponsors such as Google, who sponsored both the Lima and Bogota events, as well as collaboration with local universities which provided the space for these learning programs to occur. By allowing for these programs to be conducted in the university setting, an environment of collaboration and attendee participation was fostered. This made for three highly successful programs that ITechLaw and its education committee hope to surpass in accomplishment next year!

The CyberSpaceCamp program will continue onto its third year in the summer of 2017. Locations and dates will be announced in early 2017.