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What Leaders in the Field Are Reading, July 2017

What are the top Technology Lawyers reading this month? See below for what the ITechLaw Board of Directors are reading about recent developments in technology law. Follow ITechLaw on Twitter @itechlaw_assn for additional articles and information.

Charles Mudd, Mudd Law, United States: Space Law must balance CubeSat business/scientific advances w/ space debris management. 

Jeremy Morton, Harbottle & Lewis, United Kingdom: Minority Report? FT says China to ID criminals before crimes take place, via Cloud Walk’s AI systems

Kevin ErdmanBrannon Sowers Cracraft PC, United StatesUS Court restrains email search warrants, following trend to deny as beyond probable cause; Does FISA do the same?

Laura Liguori, Portolano Cavallo, Italy: EU Commission launches public consultation on the targeted revision of EU Consumer Law directives.  

Sheena Jacob, JurisAsia LLC, Singapore: Australian Government plans to compel tech giants to assist in fighting terrorism.